Jiří Tesař

Profile (Curriculum):
* 14. 4. 1960 (Česká Kamenice)
1975 - 1979 • Secondary School of Applied Arts Železný Brod, dept. Glass Engraving
1979 - 1980 • ŽBS Železný Brod glass engraver
1982 - 1994 • Crystalex - EXBOR - glass engraver
1994 • beginning of the independent engraving business
1997 - • registration of the trade marks ATJ and TJ at the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic
1997 - 2012 • an engraving teacher at the Higher and Secondary Glass School in Nový Bor
2002 - 2003 • pedagogical studies PF UK Prague
2009 - • since the year co-operation with a master glassmaker J. Pačinek
2014 • Transfer of my engraving workshop to Sloup v Čechách
2015 - • individual engraving classes both for beginners and advanced takers interested in the classical glass engraving technique using engraving machines

Exhibitions and Prizes:

1985 • "Czechoslovakia 40", Moscow (RUS)
1987 • Helsinki (FIN)
1990 • Tokyo, Fukuoka (JPN)
1996 • "1st International Engraving Symposium" (Swarovski Award), Glass Museum Kamenický Šenov (CZ)
2005 • "Teachers of the Glass School", (collective exhibition), Glass Museum Nový Bor (CZ)
2008 • "5th International Engraving Symposium", Glass Museum Kamenický Šenov (CZ)
2009 • "Craft and Art in Glass" (Karel Rybáček's Prize), Glass Museum Nový Bor (CZ)
2010 • "The Meeting" (individual exhibition), Glass Museum Kamenický Šenov (CZ)
2011 • "Subtle Beauty of Czech Glass" (common exhibition), Lalit Kala Akademi New Delhi (IND)
        • "The Meeting" (individual exhibition), Glass Museum Weißwasser (DE)
        • exhibition in Jiří Pačinek's gallery Nový Bor (CZ)
        • "Nový Bor Currently" (common exhibition - students and teachers of the Glass Scholl in Nový Bor), New Town Hall Prague (CZ)
2012 • Common Exhibition (Czech Design Gallery) Mumbai (IND)
2012 • XI. International Glass Symposium Nový Bor (CZ)
        • "G 7" (common exhibition), castle Kladno (CZ)
2013 • IV. Glass Symposium Nikolsk (RUS)
2013 • The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa (JPN)
2014 • Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass (DE)
        • 6th International Symposium of Engraved Glass, Kamenický Šenov (CZ), 1st place, awarded for searching new ways in the free creation
          of engraved glass and for interesting artistic rendition
2015 • Sun Gallery, Blue House Spa Resort Sanssouci, (individual exhibition) Karlovy Vary (CZ)
        • Czech Crystal Show, (collective exhibition) Erbil (IRQ)
        • Gravur on Tour, traveling exhibition of contemporary European engraved glass (collective exhibition)
          Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge (UK), Glazenhuis Museum, Lommel (BE), Galerie De Aventurijn, Epe (NL), Glasmuseum, Rheinbach (DE),
          Glass Museum, Kamenický Šenov (CZ), National Library, Tallinn (EE),* The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäk (FI),
          Glasmuseum Frauenau (DE)
2017 • 7th International Symposium of Engraved Glass in Kamenicky Senov
2018 • "Engraving Session 2018" group exhibition at Spa Resort Sanssouci in Karlovy Vary
        • "Composition of Glass and Light" common exhibition at Senate of The Parlament of The Czech Republic
2019 • "Engraved Glass" common exhibition Bechyne
        • "Transformations of Engraved Glass", Museum and Gallery of Zelelezny Brod
        • Expo CIIE 2019 in Shanghai of China
2020 • Red Moon Contemporary Art Glass Gallery Melbourne of Australia
        • Expo CIIE 2020 in Shanghai of China
2022 • "Hot Hot Hot" common exhibition at the National Technical Museum in Prague
2024 • "Engraved glass in Time " Kittel House in Krásná - Pencin

Representation in Collections:
- Museums in Vatican (VAT)
- National Heritage Institute (CZ)
- Glass Museum Kamenický Šenov (CZ)
- Glass Museum Nový Bor (CZ)
- Glass Museum Weißwasser (DE)
- Glass Museum Nikolsk (RUS)
- Museum of Applied Arts, Prague (CZ)

The trade mark:

Ateliér Tesař Jiří was established in 1996.
On Febr. 26, 1997 it was registered by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic under sequence number 198 125.
It was established by Jiří Tesař, the holder of the trade mark, for the hand-made art glass of the highest technical and artistic quality. The new trade mark of the Czech glass is a dignified successor of the old, world-wide recognized and sought-after Czech glass products, also bearing trade marks of quality and origin.
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